New Spring Poem in 33 Couplets


Spring is the word again.

Spring is a happening waiting


to accident. It surprises by always

showing up. Spring is your best lover,


the one you turn to in the night

to remember how good things can be.


Spring is the opposite of an ending.

Spring contains a spark plug, a paradox


and a big box of matches.

Spring dances drunk at a wedding


between the sky and earth.

Spring is every god at once.


Spring is the Shakespeare

of seasons. Spring votes


for the sun. Before spring

is only everything still to play for.


Spring does what it says

on the tin. Spring is an end


of the middle about to begin.

Spring wears a gold ring


on every wee finger. Spring owes

us money. Spring always pays


its debts. Spring is a reliable

witness. Spring is uncontrollable


science on the floor. Spring

is alive and kicking at the door.


Spring enters like a happy bear

driven wild by bountiful honey.


Spring drives a horse and carriage

through the crockery department


roaring horns and shaking tambourines.

Spring eats Tamburlaine for breakfast.


Spring rains cats and dogs and likes that.

Has a mind of spring. Spring


is mess, times four. Spring cleans

what others would leave behind.


Spring invented Mary Kondo.

Spring publishes good news only.


Spring has no sibling rivalry, okay?

It never springs but it pours.


Spring is a six-letter reverb.

Spring is louder than flowers.


Spring is suing sex for infringement

of copyright. Spring is as big


as London times infinity.

Spring is where all the fun occurs.


Spring was long before resurrection

or the sermon on the mount. Spring


helps winter to safely dismount.

Spring is pell-mell without pitstops.


Spring collides with chaos like a kiss.

Spring is impossible to avoid


and never missed. Spring is eponymous.

Spring sports an Easter bonnet


twice the size of noon. Spring sips

mid-day for afternoon tea. Spring loves


to play croquet on the lawn with bees

and birds and tinier slugs and such.


Spring considers you. Always will.

Spring precedes existence. Spring opens


up ambiguity like a shell. Spring obviates

the need for a living hell. Spring


knows Kora biblically. Spring inspired

the whole shebang. Spring is carbon neutral.


Spring is binary, open, multiple -

Spring means more more more.


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