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It is only slowly dawning on the 'liberal elites' of the East and West coasts - the Blue Staters - as their enemies would consider them - that Donald Trump HAS won this presidential election, in a way, despite what facts and reality are or prove. Learning precisely from the 30s propaganda playbook, but powerfully enhanced by social media and years of 'disinformation' campaigns from foreign state actors, and the president himself, and for a while, Fox, this new campaign has managed what would once have seemed impossible...

As the statements, protests (manifestations as the French rightly call them), gather pace, what Trump has enabled, indeed, created like a Frankenstein monster, zapped with electricity and cobbled-together from 70 million body parts - is a rising tide of ignorant armies, willing to clash by day with Biden and the law.

The U.S. Constitution prepared for this moment for years, by protecting the rights of gun-owners to establish militia-level weapons caches - precisely establishing the sort of counter-government force, not meant to entrench a tyrant, but throw one out - but tables have ironically turned (proving irony is no friend), the weaponised proud boys and girls - infected with anti-vaxxer beliefs, and a desire to defeat a cabal of shadowy predators - now stand ready, armed to the teeth, to bite back.

Even if there is no actual 'revolution' - even if Trump 'leaves the White House' - in this new cyber unreality we all inhabit - this mediated landscape, that Trump has made himself King of (in the Twitter feed of the blind, the one-eyed Tweeter is king) - he will remain the undisputed champeen - the spoiled victor - the Undead Elvis.

Half of America is misinformed, irrational, and brainwashed. There may be good people there - as Trump would claim - but what there surely is are many many bodies, guns, dollars, and years of pent-up capabilities. How will Biden effectively run a government, a nation, so virtually divided?

As a commentator stated yesterday on the BBC - this is already a civil war in cyberspace. So let's call it what it is - a grotesque, bizarre stalemate or worse - the underbelly of the Queen's Gambit - an endgame of deadened values, but quickened instincts - so folks, here's the deal:  Biden-Harris get the levers of approved power, to a degree - but wherever Trump resides will, forever more, be a second, very real, and present, dangerous source of ongoing destabilisation, a Vichy Government contesting the other, formal one. In this contest, there is no end, because it is beyond the physical, provable world. This has become a spiritual belief for dummies - Trump Won is now the 11th commandment in the Bible Belt.

How will this play out, in real-time and what does that even mean now? Unless I am mistaken, more troublingly than many now seem to think. Power exists in many forms, and the power cannot fully transfer to Biden, so long as so many constantly question his moral right to lead, online, where realities are now created. Trump tried to do this to Obama's legacy. Now he IS doing it, already, to Biden. he is cancelling the enemies of his state of mind.

There was a bumper-sticker sort of joke, It's Frank's World, We Just Live In It - about that vulgar American god of a former media past, Sinatra. Now, mobster Trump is the new Frank. He has made us live in his carefully-constructed, mediascaped fantasia. We can say we don't, but our protestations are just fake.


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