Threatening Cultural Sites

It will not surprise readers of this blog to learn that we are not major benefactors of Trump's campaign for re-election, or that we hardly favour his usual tactics or rhetoric.

Even by his own standards, however, the threats of the past few hours have marked an escalation into territory more usually occupied by the Taliban, or other notable war criminals.

The threat to destroy 'cultural' targets of value to the Iranian people and their civilisation, aside from anything else, is repulsive. Its barbarism is, frankly, against the grain of any optimistic hopes left to the human race in the few decades left to us. Should such destruction be visited upon museums, ancient or sacred places, monuments, or other national treasures, the whole world will be impoverished, both morally and culturally.

Trump's behaviour of the past few days - beyond Nixonian - is beginning to confirm the worst fears many had upon his election - that if threatened he would stoop to Nero-level acts.

Trump is not yet, by any margin, in the history books as one of the most insane, cruel or evil leaders of our sorry past - but he is on the verge of leaping into the annals of infamy, and committing acts of such awful wickedness as to shame any in the West still beholden to his faction.

It is time for sane, just and reasonable Americans to rise and restrict this menace, in the name of what is best in us.