Despite, and because of, our debates and differences of opinion, I had great fondness and respect for Roddy Lumsden, the poetic genius, who has died.

When I first moved to London, we worked on editing each other's poems for a few months; he several times read for the Oxfam series and other events I hosted, and I read with him on many occasions. One always could learn from Roddy, he knew more about everything than anyone else.

I am very shocked and saddened by this sudden news, and all I have to say is here:

You should seek out his poetry collections, and his poems online, you will discover one of the funniest, and most clever poets ever born in Scotland.

His death is a sobering reminder that poets in this angry age need to remember to love and support one another, and seek less to divide, and more to join, the common enterprise of creating poems of long-lasting value to others.


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