Eyewear is busy and not taking twenty winks, or is that thirty?  Teaching, editing, publishing, writing, listening to music, and watching more TV than is humanly wise, have all taken up our time. We have even had time to fall in love with the new single by Fyfe, called 'Solace', which we recommend you check out at Youtube or whatever comes to you quickly.

The news has not all been sunny, of course. 2015 has been a shit-storm of war, killing, murder, abuse, violence, and madness. There are days I find getting out of bed tough - I have never been less hopeful for the future of humanity. If anyone is around in 2115 to read this post, I cannot imagine their life, their world, will be materially better in most ways from ours - and it is impossible to think it will be spiritually better. Humanity seems incapable of renewing itself from generation to generation - each 25 years sees the same spasms and battles, fought only in slightly altered iterations. If we lived in a world that had learned from the 20th century there wouldn't be the fighting in the Middle East and Ukraine. Blessedly, most of South, Central and North America is now without major war (after centuries of genocide removed the indigenous threats) - as is most of Europe, and Asia.

Still, I have been sickened of late by more abuse stories in the British news, more murders, and more news that the mad IS killer grew up and lived ten minutes from me.

Anyway, apologies to those who have sent in reviews for me to post. I hope to get to them soon. I turn 49 in about a month, and am beginning to feel all too old. I hope for a spring and summer revival.


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