Too Darn Hot

Heard It On The Grapevine
London has two settings: rubbish weather and Tropical.  Either it is rainy, gloomy and muddle-through intermittent sunny, or it is blazingly humid - which it is now.  We are in the throes of 28 degree weather+.  This is wonderful, but also, given the Sargasso that is the Tube, semi-deadly.  It's been a good time to watch The Rum Diary, a sultry, oddball film that is a strangely moving portrait of three SNAFU'd writer buddies in 1960 Puerto Rico, written by Hunter S., and produced by J. Depp.  It has a brilliant character actor turn from Michael Rispoli, who should play Bob Holman in a biopic.  The film also features a splendid Amber Heard, who is as fine a starlet as one could wish for, in London or the Bahamas.  Readers of Eyewear from Day One will know that when we kicked off in 2005, the subject was about weather, too.