Papal bull?

Secular Britain is up in arms today as the Pope has spoken out about an "equality bill" that would require (among other things) Catholic orphanages to give equal consideration to gay parents. Now, Eyewear has always been an outspoken defender of gay and queer rights; and has often chided the Anglican communion for being intolerant. I believe Christ would not have unwelcomed homosexuals.

That being said, the Pope has, surely, the right - the right of freedom of religious practice, if not expression - to defend the non-secular (that is, religious) convictions that he believes underpin the faith he is leader of. We (or you) may not agree with him - but he has the right to say and believe - or religious freedom has been abandoned for some sort of vague secular notion. But secularism masks an aggressive rationalist attack on faith, and one man's secular equality might be another person's sin.

Meanwhile, Wole Soyinka, the nobel prize winner, has recently called Britain a cesspit of "Islamism", due to its history of arrogant colonial tolerance. So it seems Britain offends some for being too open to religion, and others for not being open enough. Between Peter and a hard place then.


Poetry Pleases! said…
Dear Todd

I don't dislike the pope. He is an intelligent man and an excellent linguist. However he is wrong on just about every major issue from contraception to gay rights. I hope you're happy in your new faith.

Best wishes from Simon
leah fritz said…
Dear Todd,
As the head of the Roman Catholic religion, the Pope's word is meant to be law, I believe, to all members of that church. What he says, therefore, is not merely an indication of his own religious practice, but the veritable word of God to his flock. Wole Solinka's prejudiced remark, however, is simply a statement by Wole Solinka, who most people, including ignorant me, have never heard of. His words are simply the expression of one individual. I think there is a difference. It would be quite another thing if an individual who isn't widely regarded as such an overwhelming authority expressed the Pope's point of view. However, I do support your right to choose any faith, as I'm sure you support mine to be an atheist. We are all seeking answers to the great imponderables.
With all good wishes,

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