Ten Best Tracks For A Hot Day

Eyewear loves music, as you probably know, and loves a good list.  Given the London BBQ moment, here are ten songs - arguably the greatest in the rock/pop canon - that go with hot times.  I should add that I am of the opinion that rock/pop has two key themes: sex and love.  Here then 10 recommended blistering summer songs, G & T optional:

1. '99.9 F' - Suzanne Vega
2. 'Mesopotamia' - The B-52's
3. 'Sex On Fire' - Kings Of Leon
4. 'Blister In The Sun' - Violent Femmes
5. 'Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams
6. 'Summer's Cauldron' - XTC
7. 'Whole Lotta Love' - Led Zep
8. 'Real Cool Time' - The Stooges
9. 'L.A. Woman' - The Doors
10. 'Sister Havana' - Urge Overkill

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