New Poem by Hudson Hornick

Eyewear is pleased to publish a new poem by a former student on the MA in CW at Kingston University, Hudson Hornick.  Hornick is an American writer - a talented young man.  This was sent to me by him lately, and seemed like a good start to the day.

Dogs pulling leashes

When the light reaches that point of day,
when it casts gold windows on your wall,
and the lushness of a place that is green in a way
that can only be green in a place which rains a lot,
but is no longer raining,

there is a runner who, beside me
now past, has been coming to the park for a while
also to run.

His face cannot understand why
it is so hard for him,
or where the effort turns rote,

while a purple-stocked vine and its green green leaf
grow out and reach.
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