No More Unicorns

Richard Dawkins must be pleased with the emerging revelations that Michael Jackson appears to have been a cocktail-drunk drug addict, hopped up on numerous meds to keep the anxiety and despair at bay. After all - that's another myth gone - a genuine hero that people could love. Or maybe, Jackson was tarnished as long ago as 1995, anyway, and had no more to lose. Still, it rankles that Britain's top atheist has set up a summer camp for kids, where - I kid you not - there will be a prize for the best proof of the non-existence of unicorns. No doubt, they will also be taught (incorrectly) that there is no Father Christmas, too.

Now, it may be okay for Dawkins to peddle his sad and empty sophistry to adults, but surely he should resist the urge to hang with the kids, and steal what little wonder and innocence they have left. When adults do that to children, we have a name for it. Now, some may think taking a child's imagination is not a sin, so long as their parents have granted permission, but I wonder - isn't that frail and tentative thing called hope and wonder - that key aspect of being young - too-soon taken from us anyway?

Why encourage the young to kill their dreams, their beasts, their magic and their monsters, before 18? The adult world will tax them, will send them to war, and will subject them to mindless work - the least it can do is leave them alone until then. I have nothing against education, but there's that, then there's indoctrination. Dawkins is increasingly becoming a pest. When will Britain stop believing in him?

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