Where No Man Has Gone Before, Again

The actor who played Sulu in the Star Trek films and TV series is currently having a spat with the actor who played Kirk, in same. Takei and Shatner, according to the great eccentric Canadian thespian on his blog, have been at odds for maybe 40 years or more. Shatner has been lashing out at his friends and foes lately, using the Internet, set to stun, as his weapon of choice. According to Entertainment Weekly, he even complained about not being given a part in 2009's much-anticipated new Star Trek film, starring the guy who plays Sylar on Heroes as the guy with the pointy ears (from Sylar to Spock being a small stretch for man). Meanwhile, the real Spock was given a walk-on.

Shatner has been weird science for a while - his poetry and song recordings are notoriously bad, and so is much else in his life. But he's also lived through personal tragedy, and being lampooned for years. His bread and butter has also been his body-hugging hairshirt. My father went to school with Shatner. No moral or clue there, just an odd fact.

What is it about Quebec that it creates (in fiction and reality) a curious sort of overdetermined AWOL son - at least among its anglophones? - one thinks of Saul Bellow, Conrad Black, Duddy Kravitz, Shatner, etc.- larger-than-life, take-no-prisoners types. Perhaps it's the wintery neglect francophone culture, then Toronto, then America, then the world, spoon out to Montrealers. Or some would say. Best to beam out, or light away at some top warp speed.

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