Gordon Brown and Paddington Bear

Paddington, who has turned "50" this week, lived with "The Browns". His childish, sweet, and decent manner fitted in perfectly with this 1950s family (and their awkward bicycle clips). Meanwhile, another Mister Brown, Gordon, turns "1" this year - well, anyway, as Prime Minister.

The jury is still out. Polls are in - he's the least popular of his ilk since John Major, or, some say, ever. Did he get into a spot of bother over some buns and marmalade? More like Northern Rock, a bottled election, and other dithering. The most unlikely supporter, recalling Marilyn Monroe (like Paddington, but less content), has stepped forward, to "sing for" Gordon Brown: none other than significant British poet-critic-publisher, Michael Schmidt.

Eyewear has long felt that Brown has failed to deliver the principled, and left-leaning, direction his originally-exciting ascension promised, last June - however, the Professor of Poetry makes a good case for giving the good man more time. And, surely, anyone Mr. Mugabe wants to excorcise from Number Ten should be allowed to stay a little longer. Brown is not yet a "tragic failure of leadership". David Cameron, that slick salesman, might be.
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