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The secret is not to have a secret

The magic is to be magicless

The trick is to go without the tricks

The plan is to be avoided

The path is to be downtrodden

The lie is to be forgotten

The carnival is to be inverted

The lamb is to be converted

The killer is to be caressed

The dress is to be undressed

The cure is to be lost

The time is to be mis-told

The crime is to be lawful

The beauty is to be awful

The secret is to speak widely

The magic is to turn the tables

The trick is to be born in the stables

The plan is to go to shambles

The path is via the brambles

The lie is to stand in the open

The carnival is to roll the king

The dress is thorn this season

The lamb is the feast for a reason

The birth was clearly at night

The death was notably during day to day

This means something about lighting

Between the cracks, between the shrugs

Between the thighs, between the thugs,

Between the shimmering royal displays,

Comes a meagre passion play, starting

In the dull, disinterested, calamities.


DECEMBER 23, 2022


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