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My report will be brief this year - I am grateful to be alive.

2021 was a very tough year for a lot of people - and 2022 looks to be also very challenging.

Up until December, 2021, I would have said the best of the year was keeping the Eyewear publishing company going so it could reach its 10th year (2022), and therefore keeping a small good team in work; and 100s of books in print.

Personally, hiking in Northern Ireland/the North of Ireland, and doing wild swimming, and training with Al Beard, and Wimbledon, would have been summer highlights; plus great sporting events, and the English almost winning the Euros...

Then, a few days before Christmas, I went into the hospital for heart failure; I have a large blood clot on my heart, and my heart was only working 17% or so. Now it is up to 22%. I am off work, and still seriously ill, on 15 or more tablets a day. My family is worried, it is a super worrying time. I am focused on recovery, doing what must be done, staying calm as possible.

I confess to being very concerned about Ukraine, and about keeping the BSPG Eyewear legacy going if possible. My own ego is burnt away in the shock and sadness of the past weeks.

I hope to reach the spring, and to be able to one day swim again. I am blessed with being able to walk for 15 minutes now, maybe more with time.

Nothing is more important than love. I have wasted so much of life in pursuit of worldly things that evaporate at any moment.

Only God outlasts the nonsense of the sensual world. Be well, do good.


Janet Vickers said…
Wishing you recovery. Your energy is alive and your integrity intact.
Robert said…
Robert M. Smith said...
I am glad to see you are alive. Where there is life, there is hope -- and grace. His strength is made perfect in weakness.
Susan MacRae said…
I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you are recovering and will be back on your feet again soon.

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