July 19th new poem

FREEDOM DAY? - a nightmare

I almost died

But so did you

The story is old

Before it is true

And when it’s gone

It’s gone for bad

So put out the bunting

And try to be glad

The empire of song

Is dancing away

The vessels are sinking

The birds have gone grey

The squares are deserted

Or maybe obscene

The windows are breaking

The sea is Joyce-green;

It’s a time of regretting

And making new friends;

A time of denouncing

And making amends;

The words that go deeper

Are gasping for air;

The world that is better

Is not very fair;

What was impressive

Is now dinky and mean;

We’ve grown better whiskers

And eat to be lean;

Delivery is billions

And content is queen;

We live on the edge

Of extremes like two stars

Gaseous and distant

And brutally far;

I try to get closer

But truths cause a rift;

We’re adrift on what’s melting,

The soul train needs some more coal;

Brazil is burning

And the moon is awhirl;

The decade is coming, it may

 Already have done, in which

Some of us are surviving

And the rest sell the guns;

Vast networks of vitriol

Spread leaves like a palm,

Some stand to attention,

Some use a knee,

But the plan is to transfer

What’s good from who’s not;

By means of napalm

In deed or in thought;

Afraid of the enemy, the bill

And the feds; the ones who

Chant slogans, the ones who deny

The pie in the sky, the tree

That’s on fire, money that’s bled:

I’m anxious with hawks, and with the reds.

A series of maxims enlarged by a trend:

California is burning, Death Valley is hot;


The weather is turning, it’s gone berserk!

Since mankind devised things, the train

And the piston, the Jenny that twerks!

We’re that part of history

Without bodily thirst;

Advances advance, AI gains its quantum

Momentum so rich brains never die

But persist in digitalised lubricant

On Jupiter's fringe;

It’s all going to happen, it already did;

Here's the finale, when you have binged -

Enjoy juvenescence,  time's done its worst.


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