For observers, it must seem incredible, but the UK is as close as it has now ever been, since Cromwell, to a civil war that could lead to a new sort of model of governance.

Unless the EU blinks and gives in to PM Johnson's clear demand to remove the so-called Irish Backstop - which seems unlikely if not impossible - then the government will seek a No Deal crash-out from Europe.

However, since the opposition MPs and fed-up backbench Tories actually have the majority numbers, they could easily vote no-confidence in the Boris leadership, and normally this would result in an election, and Johnson's resignation.

This is not situation normal, though, and with Cummings onboard, the alleged sociopath, and acknowledged Brexit legislator who cunningly planned the Brexit win of 2016, there is now a grumbling sense that Johnson may simply ignore the parliament's votes and soldier on.

This would create a unique constitutional crisis, and bring the Queen in, which is not a solution anyone is keen to see.

It appears we are facing, within weeks, the collision of the Will of the People vs. the Will of Parliament sides (otherwise known as Leavers and Remainers in their hardened positions) - and since the UK is a parliamentary democracy, the attempt to deride and over-ride Parliament can only be considered a direct challenge to the current model of British democracy.

This is a revolution in all but name - or a disruption - a major malfunction - and the burning issue now is - will it get resolved in a civil way, or give way to some form of civil war?