Eliza Stefanidi (pictured) was born in Liverpool in 1980 and currently lives in Athens, after studying and writing in London. She is British-Greek.  She studied ballet at The Royal Academy of Dance and is also a visual artist.  She has been published in several anthologies and online places, and I intend Eyewear to bring out her debut pamphlet this year.  She explores images of pop culture, song lyrics, love, sex, mental crisis, and wider crisis, in her playful, expressive, quirky, surreal, and very welcoming poetry.

All I care for is music

All you care for is music

All we care about

Are rescue boats


The ones that rock your guts

That stop your heart, you know

From zero, to minus zero 

All we care for is stupid love, true love


No love at all sir, madam, kids

Figure two, figure four, figure eight

Figure it out, love

All you care for is stand-up


All we are is comedy

Boats sink; guts wrench; needles skip

Hearts scratch and zero falls down to zero

Where no music plays, no shouts
poem by Eliza Stefanidi;
copyright 2014


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