America can go to heck

The way many Americans have treated Obama lately - calling him a national socialist, a socialist, or a non-citizen - well, it is just too much to accept. Americans, who somehow briefly contrived to appear brilliant and brave when they elected the radical man, now appear dim-writted and reactionary at their reluctance to support him. Kick the yes-we-can hard as you want, Obama is still great.


Part of the problem is that his supporters are still supporting what he campaigned on - accountability, the public option in healthcare, pulling out of Iraq, pushing back on the influence of lobbyists, etc. - and Obama is not holding to those campaign promises. His base of support would still be intact if he pressed on some of theses issues a little harder.

Even his OFA leadership (essentially what was his volunteer army of campaigners) has turned on him with the prospect of his not pushing the public option. A lot will depend on what Obama does tonight when he addresses Congress concerning healthcare.

Obama may, himself, be a moderate conservative bordering on right leaning centrism on the world stage... But he has been making a post election triangulation run to the right to appease the Radical American Centrists that are not the least bit interested in solving the real underlying problems in the USA, IMHO. And these Radical American Centrists do not, in any way, reflect the major shift to the left in views of the American people on many issues.

There is a minority and very vocal opposition to Obama from the serious whack jobs (Teabaggers, Birthers, Deathers, etc.) but there is also a lot of push back that is merited based on real policies that are not being addressed adequately.

Is he better than Bush or any of the neoconservatives? You would have to measure that difference in light years.

Are his policies worth fighting for? No. Not as long as he continues to pander to the Beltway insider Villagers' wisDUMB that led us into an illegal invasion, ongoing economic disasters, etc. yada yada.

The healthcare battle is probably the most important issue - according to polling before, during and after election time - to the average American. If he runs to the right on this issue? He will have lost not just his base of supporters, but the left, right and center that supports real reform on the biggest social issue of our time.

(And yeah, I know... Here we are stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan and American voters are more concerned with their jobs, their money and their healthcare than people dying. Go figure, eh?)
jenna cardinale said…
It's important to recognize that the "TEA-baggers" and protesters at healthcare debates across the country are not the Americans who voted for Barack Obama. They're mostly just dumb racists.

That said, I don't see Obama as a radical. He's not even a liberal. He's a Democrat, a centrist-- much like Bill Clinton. Many of us on the left (who happily voted for him) are disturbed by his pandering to those carrying out these smear campaigns.

I'm not one to quote W, but there's something to be said for carrying out the mandate.
Thoth Harris said…
I agree, it is ridiculous. But I also wonder if that really represent what the majority of Americans out there. Yes, there are a lot of Obama-hating kooks. They are making themselves look worse and worse. It is the kind of reactionary imbecility that I would expect from severely chastened conservatives, who are divided and unlikely to lead for another twenty or thirty years. What have they got? Sarah Palin? Yeah, right. Maybe Bobby Jindal. But no doubt he is just as capable, if not more, or shooting himself in the foot, like the rest.
You are always so pessimistic about Obama, Todd. I told you he would win, and he did. And you always took the doom and gloom scenario to the finish-line.

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