Adele, whose new video is here above, is only 27. Her previous albums have sold more than any other recording artist of the 21st century - and now, her new song, cheekily titled 'Hello', is as big a song as any by Cher, Bonnie Tyler, or Celine, in their heyday - it recalls the huge moments of the 80s, when Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sting and Elton John made videos that broke millions of hearts, or thrilled millions more.
This is classic pop - filmed on the outskirts of Montreal in a sepia landscape of tottering barns and falling Maple leaves - the London phone box in the woods and the African-American lover from "the town where nothing ever happened" - strangely at odds with the lyrics about calling from California - but it works.
Damn, does it work. Adele has never looked more powerful or glamorous - she is beauty personified, in voice and persona - yet she is also a villain in this song, a daring move.  Drenched in irony and regret, I dare you to listen or view without tears rolling down your cheeks.  Adele is my hero. This is the song of the year.
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