Canada has elected Justin Trudeau to be their new PM, in a sweeping and somewhat unexpected victory for the Liberals over the nasty Harper government, which was linked to right-wing elements in America and was a climate-change denying party opposed to Canadian multiculturalism.
After almost ten years of such conservative rule, Canada had begun to look like it was being run as a branch plant of Haliburton, and racism and environmental degradation was on the rise. Trudeau, the son of the greatest Canadian leader - Pierre Trudeau, a stylish pacifist intellectual who saw bilingualism and internationalism as the way forward for Canada - ran a flawless campaign, led by the brilliant Gerald Butts - a former debating partner of mine back in university days - a campaign which emphasised decency, community spirit, optimism, and fairness.
In a moment of calm sanity, Canadians voted out a terrible government and have ushered in a rule that promises to be balanced and just.  The BBC barely reported this win, until it got wind of the fact that the young, handsome, and tattooed Justin was a story worth telling. Canada is currently the new Camlot. It is now a bastion of reason and goodness in a turbulent and declining West.

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