Thursday, 1 May 2014


Theresa Muñoz (pictured) was born to Filipino parents in Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Edinburgh. She writes about immigration, relationships and the internet. Her work has appeared in several journals including Best Scottish Poems 2013, Poetry Review and Canadian Literature. She has been a prizewinner in the Troubadour International and the McClellan Poetry Awards. Her pamphlet Close was published by HappenStance Press in 2012. 

She has published articles on contemporary poetics and Scottish literature. She was an Overseas Research Scholar at the University of Glasgow, where she wrote the first thesis on the work of Tom Leonard. She works as an instructor/researcher and is also the online editor for the Scottish Review of Books.

Google Page Twenty

Poor Google page twenty adrift in the internet desert

nobody comes to click on you witness your existence barely I

in my third hour of searching for ice wines in the valleys

of British Columbia you are the product of selected words

wine / winter / BC  and the frustrated insistence of return, return

every topic and/or search terms has a Google page twenty:

the straight-backed Ariel font,  the calm blue letters

the coded strings of jargon and the ever so polite

Did you mean? above the net of stories from around the world:

how in Germany one winemaker mourns his unfrozen grapes

as other vintners kneel in the snow against a sapphire sky,

and me in the study bleary-eyed at 3am

unable to stop clicking, clicking where outside the long grass

shivers and I click alone but not as lonely as you.

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