The first person to post all the correct answers to these questions will win a very nice surprise package of books from Eyewear Publishing.

1. Name the poet, and text, where this line appears: "Tigers mourn Sikandar."

2. Who wrote "If a literary critic happens to be also a poet (un poete manque is the usual taunt) he is liable to suffer from dilemmas which do not trouble the philosophic calm of his more prosaic colleagues."

3. Which poet took their heart in their hand, twice?

4. Who wrote: "Everything is in exile/ everything will return"?

5. Which British modernist poet wrote: "The number of coracles in use is counted by the number of nets."?

6. Which poet writes of "the light of snow falling"?

7. A poet recently titled a book that can be paraphrased as "Big Cat, Bad Choices".  Name the title.

8. A Little Book of Modern Verse, edited by Anne Ridler - the last poem in the book is by -?

9. Which American poet wrote: "Poetry is not striving to become music, or mathematics"?

10.Which poet wrote in a letter that he had several talks with Miss Knight before she left for Christmas?
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