Featured Poet: Nikki Dekker

Eyewear is very glad to welcome Nikki Dekker (pictured) this last Friday of 2011.  Dekker  is a bilingual poet from the Netherlands. She has studied Literary Theory and Gender Studies in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and is currently undertaking a Creative Writing MA at Kingston University. Her poetry will be featured in the upcoming winter podcast of Cursive Script.

New York City artist reads the cards

Her room is draped with shawls. The magic any
24yearold24hourpartyperson emits brightens
a staircase room and cupboard bed. Grown up

drinks like whisky without cola, and tonic with gin,
she thins out every day, adjusting the alignments.
‘I don’t know,’ she says, the other end of a question,

‘She goes to bed at     eleven.’
Classified under          early.
E: a rake pushing sideward stands single
on the divide, stuck on that prole vertical line. If it bites,
it’s only because
the balloon’s face is not rubber or plastic or even
                                      stone – the carelessness
of paper-maché staring in the wrong direction ß

‘I’ve lost a lot of weight’ she says, taking in
a peanut butter jelly sandwich as
a zoo crocodile: forged menace, Do Not Feed.

Thought condenses against the crystal, vapour
beats against the cold: 11. Your bed, her
magic, 24 shawls and a whisky                       no

poem by Nikki Dekker; published online with the author's permission.


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