New Poem by Todd Swift

Moments In The Life Of

Considerably later, having fallen from the train.

The water cooler ran like a river of ice.

Dancing among ourselves, how jolly.

Passing judgment on the elevator man.

Brushing rain from our lapels we snorted.

Once, a passing thought fixed itself in your eye.

Several packages went missing, duly missed.

There was that altercation over a pay rise.

Hat stands may need to be adjusted occasionally.

Filter tip does not mean tipping out on the carpet.

She stayed long enough to leave an impression.

The favourite air conditioning unit broke.

Time passed in such a way it was barely noticed.

Over the weekend we all did our own thing.

Dancing on that occasion left her breathless.

He looked a bit like that fellow in the pictures.

Dashing back and forth on the avenue.

Buzzing him in she forgot to mention Christmas.

Snow came across a little ham-fisted just this once.

After all was said and done it had been a lark.

Rain in lashings and a steady line of mourners.

There was a flash like a memory only it was a bird.

poem by Todd Swift

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