Poem by Colette Sensier

Eyewear is very glad to welcome young British poet Colette Sensier (pictured) this Friday. She's one to watch over the next decade; her lyrical gift seems strong.

Sensier is 20-years-old and comes from Sussex. She is now in her second year doing English at King's College, Cambridge. She has been a winner of the Foyle's, Tower Poetry, and Peterloo Poets young poets awards. Her poems have been published on the Pomegranate webzine, in Books For Keeps, and new poems are forthcoming in the Rialto and Monkey Kettle magazine. Sensier is also currently Literary Editor at Varsity, her student paper.


The colours of skin, as easy to forget
as passing cars, until one winter

when a face appears, a sharp thrust
as clear as a path in sudden

moonlight. Or the curve of a leg,
scooped from memory, suggests itself,

like something seen underwater.
For a moment, one long line is clear,

from here to death, something
faceless, simple, and as soft as grass.

poem by Colette Sensier
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