Naked Aggression

Those considering "human nature" or "civilisation" (opposed ideas, if not ideals) might note how paper thin good human behaviour can be. The current war between Russia and Georgia seems to point to the obvious: where international law is concerned, power is the ultimate rule.

Eyewear notes, that, despite our best efforts to concoct uplifting sporting, artistic, and religious events and artifacts to the contrary, most of human action is governed by a desire for control, and a fear of those stronger than us - at least on the world stage. How else to explain the way in which nations of the world are perpetually governed by those content to utilise all force necessary, to compel agreement?

It is a depressing thought, but the 00s are beginning to look a lot like the 30s - a decade of bad economies, and aggressively militaristic leaders the "West" is unable, or unwilling, to take on directly. The current war in the Caucasus may end soon - or it could boil over. Dick Cheney has sounded bellicose, and Georgia is, after all, a key American ally - its borders are a line in the sand. All these leaders, thugs by another name, throwing boulders at each other in paleolithic twilight - one wants to say, when will we grow up? It may not work like that.

Whether genetic, or learned, or somewhere in between, human culture's two-faced visage, Mozart and the death camps, is putting intolerable pressure on the future of human existence: natural resources have become depleted, and nation states aren't getting any less eager to throw their weight around. What wars does the 21st century have to look forward to? Who is going to stop them?

Obama (who will likely be defeated in this more warlike moment) is as bellicose as his rival. Wars are coming, and the priests split hairs over gay marriage, and the poets tussle over form and content. Civilisation better get thicker, fast. Or it'll be shredded. The animal beneath may be an osprey with a triggered claw.

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