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Breakaway Republics and Barack

The news that Russia has recognised the breakaway republics hitherto within Georgia will be bad news for many people - and perhaps most of all Mr. Obama. With the resurgent rise of The Bear, The West has become more militant and tense than ever, and McCain more than matches Biden when it comes to the foreign policy seriousness the American people seem to require at this time. New polls in American suggest this is already a tied race. It just got less-than-tied, I think - McCain will find rising problems with Russia to his relative advantage.


BarbaraS said…
Interesting to see what Hilary says today at the DNC. Oh boy, this election race is anything but clear cut...
Thoth Harris said…
Have a look at the reruns of Governor Mark Warner's speak and you will see how completely wrong you are. All the talent and the skills in attacking the current problems are with the Democrats. The Republicans don't have a chance in hell. Seriously. All along, it has been Barack who has been promoting the idea that the West needs to take most of its troops out of Irag and take them to Afghanistan, to Asia, etc. You need to look at a lot more than the headlines and polls, Todd, not just a little more. I haven't lost faith in the process at all. I used to, but the Democrats have really recovered their stride. Even more than Bill Clinton did in the 90s.
Janet Vickers said…
It's a sad statement that people will vote based on what happens in Georgia before getting their own country in order.

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