Poem by Guillermo Castro

Eyewear is very pleased to welcome Guillermo Castro (pictured) this Friday. I first met him in New York, about ten years ago, on, I think, February 14. Walking back from a poetry reading together with a few other poets, we saw the Empire State Building, lit up with a vast pink heart. While that was memorable, so too was the man himself - and his poetry. Over the years, I have followed his career, as best I could, and, whenever possible, included him in magazines and anthologies that I have edited. I like his work very much.

Castro is a poet and translator. His work appears in Nthposition, EOAGH, The Recluse, Bloom, Barrow St, Lapetitezine, Frigatezine, Margin, among others, and the anthologies Full Green Hour, Saints of Hysteria, This New Breed, Short Fuse, Poetry Nation, and Two Hearts’ Desire.

His prose is represented in the anthology Latin Lovers. His translations of Argentine poet Olga Orozco, in collaboration with Ron Drummond, are featured in Guernica, Terra Incognita, Visions, and the U.S. Latino Review. He’s also collaborated in a musical with composer Doug Geers, How I Learned To Draw A Sheep, providing book and lyrics. Castro is the author of a chapbook, Toy Storm. He lives in New York City and is a native of Argentina.


I know of
the solitude he savors
in caf├ęs,
reading a book.

Here I too
do the same,
seeking solace
in the verse
of others.

It’s my way
to keep him
as I blow
steam off
this cup of coffee,

a dispersed
to a ghost
amid strangers.

poem by Guillermo Castro
This poem first appeared in La Petite Zine.
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