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Bond 22 is already casting about for their next "Bond Girl" - and they may be going Dutch. Eyewear has it from the rumour windmill that the Bond producers have opened their little black book and pulled slinky Ms. Carice van Houten (pictured riding side-saddle) out. She's the undercover Mata Hari-type starlet who recently had the world agog in Paul Verhoeven's Nazi-era erotic thriller, Black Book, the top-grossing Dutch film of all time. Black Book, by the way, is fantastic. Verhoeven, who almost defined a kind of 90s kitsch in terms of OTT sex and violence (always interrogating American decadence and ignorance, bien sur, in the po-mo process), has created his finest film yet - and that includes Basic Instinct. van Houten falls in a big way for a Nazi in that movie (and in real life, what do you know, she's dating him too?) and things get complicated when she starts living a double-life, as a leggy Nazi mistress / resistance fighter. Eyewear hasn't seen anything this daring, twisted, or surprising since the great days of Mr. Hitchcock. Speaking of "Hitchcock Blondes", Ms. van Houten has a racy sequence around that theme in Black Book. It's a must-see. The last twenty minutes are as knife-edge, white-knuckle intense as one of those rides at Coney Island!

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