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Eva Green (pictured) has recently moved to London, for work. Her talented work in Casino Royale has put her on the UK map and last night she won a major BAFTA (the British equivalent of an Oscar, which is a bit like saying a damp afternoon in Brighton is the equivalent of Miami beach) for rising star. Green, who was soundly cheek-pecked by rising new Bond Daniel Craig, is no doubt the most popular newcomer in town.

The best BAFTA film was The Queen. Frears, the director, hoisted his trophy and half-heartedly announced himself "Queen of the world".

Ricky Gervais was a presenter, and seemed nervous and rude (his persona?), insulting several "people who don't speak English" who had won awards - as if talent is bounded by language: hardly the message of another nominee for Best Picture, Babel.

The Last King of Scotland, a film based on the novel by poet and author Giles Foden, won for Best British Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Lead Actor (Forrest Whitaker). Bizarrely - and perhaps unforgivably - none of the three groups to come up to express thanks for their wins even mentioned Foden - indeed FW thanked the adapter of the screenplay for his "great characters" - surely a gift, originally, of the man who wrote the book on which their success was based?

Meanwhile, same time, different bat channel, apparently the Grammys happened. Lumbering though they may be, they're the music awards of note. I was glad to see the RHCP win best Rock Album, as Stadium Arcadium is a superb double album, but was sorry that the great Yeah Yeah Yeahs lost out to weird Gnarls Barkley for best Alternative album. More oddly, the great reggae album Youth lost in its category; a shame, since it is a thrillingly mythic and eccentric work.

Of course, The Grammys also saw several Phoenixian moments - the rise of the newborn The Police - let's hope they have another Ghost In The Machine within them - and the celebration of The anti-war Dixie Chicks - the times may be a'changing. In fact, even Bob Dylan won a Grammy. 2007 or 1967?
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