Gargoyle 50 Is Here

Richard Peabody is a phenomenon, as you know (or don't). Many don't, and the ones who do laugh at them, for he is one of the vital forces in contemporary indie American poetry and (small press) publishing. And a damn fine poet in his own right. Check out the link to his activities, where all good links appear here at the T. S. Review.

I am proud to be in the latest bumper-crop issue, the swaggering Gargoyle number 50. From the gorgeous cover (by Colin Winterbottom, pictured above) onwards, it spoils the reader with too much of a good if strange thing.

Gargoyle is the place in American writing where the marginal caresses the mainstream and vice versa, with the emphasis on vice. It is always beyond edgy, subversive, iconoclastic, weird, and every other one of those blurb words. It makes words like hip, cool, alternative seem redundant. Here are only some of the writers in 50:

A newly discovered unpublished Kathy Acker story, Magdalena Alagna, Buzz Alexander, Eric Anderson, Nin Andrews, Lauren Mclean Ayer, Jim Barnes, Grace Bauer, Jill Beauchesne, Marie-Claire Blais, Gary Kate Braverman, Randy Sue Coburn, Paula Coomer, Lucy Corin, J. P. Dancing Bear, Jim Daniels, Barbara DeCesare, Lucinda Dhavan, Trevor Dodge, John Dufresne, Denise Duhamel, Thomas Glynn, Elizabeth Hand, Michael Hardin, David Hernandez, Anna Maria Hong, Dave Housley, Sonja James, Christine Japely, Pagan Kennedy, Judith Kerman, John King, Patrick Lawlor, Adrienne Lewis, Melvin E. Lewis, M. L. Liebler, Molly McQuade, Erika Meitner, Sharon Mesmer, Rick Moody, Eileen Myles, Susan Neville, Dawn Newton, Hal Niedzviecki, Naomi Shihab Nye, Lance Olsen, David Petersen, Elizabeth Rees, Rusty Russell, Miriam Sagan, Kevin Sampsell, Tamara Kaye Sellman, Martha Silano, Mary Slowik, Julianna Spallholz, Kara Stambach, Sampson Starkweather, Terry Stokes, John Surowiecki, Eileen Tabios, David Trinidad, D. Harlan Wilson,Kathi Wolfe, Donna Vitucci, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Fredrick Zydek.
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