Christmas Poem by Todd Swift

A Christmas Story

They couldn’t get through
Because of the snow

So all that icicle day
He stuck to the window

Too shy to pray
Too small to say

Why have you abandoned me?
Then, at the final hour,

As eve lifted to morning
Hooves clattered like squirrels

In the eaves, soot rained
And ho ho hos and bells

Made truth beautiful
As any white lie; a clot of coal

Single and uneven on the mantel;
Who had told on him?

Had his sins been so thorough?
Now, gifted judiciously

By his untrim hero,
A hirsute saint in a fat suit,

He came to learn his worth
Set about rubbing palms black

Wherein the spark of a diamond
(Hope) cut against skin’s frail grain.

Better to believe, be damned
Than rise to empty promise

A chalky kiss in the garden;
Heart pain unwraps as balm.

poem by Todd Swift

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