Frankenstein Politics

There's been much derision, and some serious debate, in the UK, recently, surrounding the possibility that Catholic MPs might be "required" to vote against a three-line whip. It bears repeating that a politician ought to be a human being with a (moral) conscience, as well as a spin machine - and, if so, that conscience may (though not should) be guided by religious conviction.

In England, a basically Godless society ruled by Big Business and Big Science (those happy, pragmatic twins birthed by Mr. Charles Darwin and Mr. Adam Smith), with Big Media a distant popular third, religious belief is usually synonymous with irrational lunacy. Actually, a respect for the Gods is an ancient, and wise, position. As The Enchiridion says, "As to piety toward The Gods you must know that this is the chief thing, to have right opinions about them, to think they exist, and that they administer the All well and justly".

It is possible to follow one's religious faith and also be an intelligent, moderate person, and even an MP. It is therefore good news that Gordon Brown is allowing the vote, in some instances, to be free. As to whether hybrid creations of human and animal should be concocted in labs for human medical good, Eyewear is going to remain agnostic, for now.
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