new poem

Dear gentlepersons,
Please note that if you have
Ever thought anything
We disagree with,
Or said anything we disagree with,
Or anyone, anywhere, anytime
Has made a statement about you –
And strangers and other people always
Tell the truth –
You will be found guilty instantly;
We save money
Without courts, trials, tribunals, panels –
Believe the lie, or truth,
They’re the same now.
All that matters is the performance act
Of accusation – to accuse is to exist –
We come alive, become our best selves
Pointing a finger;
We rise above the animals, reach the angelic
In stating the crimes of you –
For the other person – or rather, you –
Are always wrong.
How can you be telling the truth?
You’re guilty.
You’d lie, of course, to save your skin.
No accuser lies, how could they?
They’re brave.
They risk being exposed as liars.
In the Bible, no one ever bore false witness;
In the French Revolution no one lied;
In the second world war no one lied;
During the McCarthy trials, no lies.
In Salem, all witnesses expert, ideal.
During the Spanish Inquisition, all testimonials, true.
In Stalin’s time, all trials were exact.
Nixon never lied. Judas spoke correctly.
No white cop in the South ever lies.
No angry father who wants custody ever lies.
No criminal ever lies.
Even habitual liars never lie.
Lies don’t exist.
If I say something is true, it is.
Except the words I am innocent…
That is the only lie.
Because innocence only belongs to us.
Never to you.
Now, since there’s no need
To plead, please step this way –
The gallows tree stands waiting,
Bearing its blameless, virtuous fruit.
Because no punishment is ever wrong.
No crucifixion ever fixed.
No trial ever a show.
Humans never seek revenge;
People never try to harm someone else.
Envy doesn’t exist. No delusions exist.
Sin never exists, until you create it,
Or we say it exists.
The intriguing paradox is that no one is ever flawed
Except when seeking exoneration –
Only the prisoner, whipped and crowned with thorns,
Bears sin.
We the people are good, good, all good,
And you, the other one, are bad, bad, all bad.
Simple, when it is put like this.
Judgement is power – and your proven evil our bliss.
Now let us part with a consensual kiss.
June 2019