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For fans of the Northern Irish actor, age 66, Liam Neeson, as I was, his last few days have seen a road best not taken. Depending on your politics, or Twittersphere, you have either condemned him, or lurched queasily to his defense, since he volunteered the information that, years ago, after a friend was raped, he asked the race of the assailant, and, upon learning they were allegedly African-American, decided to kill a 'black bastard' (his words) in revenge; thereupon he claims he spent a week or more prowling the streets, hoping a black man would attack him so he could murder him with a cosh.

In his defence (one supposes he would see it that way) he confessed to these bloodthirsty and racist impulses in the context of his violent upbringing in Northern Ireland; and condemned the cycle of violence that revenge initiates; and he called these horrible thoughts.

It is unfortunate for Neeson that the long connection between the put upon of the North of Ireland and the American civi…