Britain - long admired as the home of parliamentary democracy, has a history of great struggle with those who would seek to limit the powers of parliament to control royal prerogatives... it just usually isn't the government doing so. However, after three law lords ruled - correctly, in the opinion of this blog - that Article 50 (that most famous of articles) cannot be triggered by PM May without the express approval of a parliamentary vote - the PM vows to contest the ruling.

In short - she seeks to short-circuit the sovereignty of the elected MPS who represent the good people of the UK.

The right-wing, pro-Brexit, often borderline racist/fascist media in the UK (they know who they are) have naturally claimed three pudgy white bewigged toffs have in their posh arrogance hijacked the "will of the British people" - except, the Brexit referendum was a) not legally binding and b) was never described as such a powerful instrument as to represent "the will of the people" to the extent of being able to over-ride the laws of the land.

Basically, what we have is a power struggle between a minority in the Tory party who want a hard Brexit, and the parliament, who wants a say in this most momentous of matters... they do not seek to block Brexit (though they ought to) but merely to, as the duly-elected representatives of the British public, determine the shape of the negotiations to come, and the form it shall take.

Since Brexit was, above all else, about "taking back sovereignty" it is a supreme irony - lost on many sadly - that the current Brexiteers, drunk on their stale beer and gross plans - are apparently the first to try to lay siege to that sovereignty; and yes, hijack it. This is a coup in all but name.

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