7/7 ten years on

Eyewear was a very young blog of a few weeks, when tragedy struck London, ten years ago today in the morning.

Here is what we wrote then:

'The thing we feared most has happened: Madrid-style, multiple terrorist attacks on the London Underground and bus routes in the heart of London, timed with surgical cruelty after London's Olympic win and the start of the G8 summit. It is an unsettling time, and there have been many casualties. So far, over 33 fatalities have been reported.

It is - weatherwise and ironically (as in New York in 2001) - a warm, sunny day now, with lovely blue skies. Tens of thousands of would-be commuters are slowly walking home early. With no underground system, some mainline services closed, and few buses in Zone 1, some will be walking for hours. The streets are eerily calm, punctuated by sirens.

The people of London, accustomed to such things, are brave and will endure, but this is a sad day for all who love London and live here.'

Sadly, it ended up that more died - amid stories of great bravery and suffering, often deep underground - or in the twisted metal of the red bus in the violently disrupted street. One victim, at least, was evacuated from the tube to find herself moments later on the bus that exploded.

Ten years on, London's attacks remain the worst the country has endured since WW2  - though Tunisia is another awful event - and we can thank the security services for that.

However, we are not complacent. We know that a small group of lone wolves are out there, full of hate for Western values. They hate women and gays having equality. They hate British culture. They despise moderates on all sides.  They seek more destruction.

We are brave in London. We honour the dead. We respect the injured, and those who rescued them. We will stand strong.

But we must also do our best to vote for positions that will emphasise peace, tolerance, multiculturalism, and openness. We must not let our fear predominate. And we must do just battle, when required, with villains who would otherwise slay us. There be dragons. And we have Arthur's sword.

We are Britain, now and forever.
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