Eyewear's new Indiegogo campaign

Our last Indiegogo campaign raised over £800 in 60 days.

Here is the new one:


Eyewear Publishing is one of the best indie presses in London. Help us publish 10 books in 2015.
Eyewear Publishing, founded in 2012, is already one of the best-known, and most respected, indie British poetry presses.  With over 21 books already published in stylish hardcover editions designed by Dutch artist-poet, Edwin Smet, we have created a very strong list and brand.  Our poets and authors are young and old, British and international, starting out and established, traditional and avant-garde.  We've published professors at Harvard and Cambridge; and a hitherto unknown lady from Hull in her 80s.  Our books have been listed for major prizes, and well-reviewed in the TLS and Times. One of our books has been adapted to appear on BBC Radio 4. We launch our books at shops like Foyle's, Blackwells and The LRB. Superbly edited, eclectic, adventurous, and committed to promoting new poets, Eyewear looks back to an age when hardcover poetry was de rigeur and forward to the digital future.
What We Need & What You Get
We want to publish ten poetry collections next year.  Each will cost us £3,000 to edit, design, proofread, and print, in our striking and handsome hardcover in-house design.
Our poets for 2015 include world-renowned singer-songwriter Keaton Henson, Melita Hume winner Amy Blakemore, American poet Andrew Shields, Yale-prize winner Sean Singer, and leading poets from Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and, of course, Great Britain.

What you get is, for a £20 donation, a signed first edition of one of the 2015 titles.

For £200, you get all ten of the 2015 poetry books we have planned.

For £500 you get dinner with one of our authors in London.

For £1,000 or more, your name is printed at the back of the collection, as a special patron of Eyewear publishing (if you so wish).

The Impact
We feel supporting Eyewear matters, because we have an excellent track record already, and have shown that our list is truly democratic and also international in outlook. Publishing poetry books that will last, and have a chance of being seen and read and distributed well makes a huge difference to the poets, to their readers, and to the wider culture of our times, which, more than ever, needs to maintain respect and love of a good well-made book.

Risks & Challenges

We are going to muddle through somehow - our books do sell - though because of our high quality design we mainly break even, and that includes the editor not taking a salary. But with your support, we will have established a long term sustainable model to keep a great new press going.


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