Sunday, 6 July 2014



Some great poets, like O'Hara, Wallace Stevens, Yeats, and ee cummings, have an inimitable style. Which makes it so fun to parody them.  Shall we explore the style of the new young American poet, major enough for Faber, Dr James Franco?

Your versions welcome.  Here is one of mine.


Hollywood has its characters
like a movie.
I mean a moving film
with pictures and mouths
that operate.

I dated a young starlet.
She was casting couch material.
She died of too much fame & sex
and camerawork.

I don't have a part to play.
No bone to pick.
I do it my way.
Show me the next whiskey bar.

Never call your agent back
after midnight.
Just relax and dream of Marlon.
Not the fish, the big man.

The horror, the horror show.
Fame is contagious,
like a disease.
You can't cure Marilyn Monroe.

You just have to dig for her bone.
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