Drunken Stupor

Readers in Britain may be forgiven for thinking that portly John Candy has been resurrected and, with a script from Mike Myers, invaded the mayor's office in Toronto.  Mayor Rob Ford - obese, slobby and unrepentant - is a figure of Rabelesian relish.  His recent news conference, globally spread, is a comic gem.  In it, he claims he only smoked crack cocaine because he was in a drunken stupor, but refused to resign.  This seems a good defence.  Almost any evil can be performed in a drunken stupor, and once a politician admits to being a drunken drug user, there isn't much mud left to sling.  This is a new level of brazen confession.  I only inhaled a class A drug because I was pished.

I particularly loved him asking to see the revealing video, as he wanted to see how drunk he actually was.  Oddly, the mayor is likely to be re-elected - the Toronto voters are amused in sufficient numbers.  Eyewear hopes not.  Drunken drug users may make good artists, witty friends, and have an anarchic charm, but they are not steady hands on the wheel of government.  Not since Caligula's horse has such an ass been in public office.
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