Eyewear recommends that you celebrate National Poetry Day by buying a poetry book from a small British poetry press today - whether that be Penned in the Margins, Shearsman, Salt, Cinnamon, Seren, Nine Arches, KFS, etc - is up to you.  Maybe the book will be one of Eyewear's handsome hardcovers.  Small presses barely scrape by, and their sales tend to be quite low.  They survive hand to mouth, and partially with the comfort of strangers - good readers who are good buyers.  The less poetry that sells, the less poetry gets published.  If and when small presses dry up, so too do opportunities for emerging and new poets of any age to get their debut collections out.  So, please do think of poetry publishers today, without whom many poets would not be available for you, as a reader to enjoy in book form.
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