Monday, 5 August 2013

Doctor Why

The news that the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who - the BBC's flagship sci-fi series, and a sacred pop culture cow to some - has been announced, and it is Peter Capaldi, that sweary Scot from that poli-sci show - is a bit of a let down.  If one considers that Britain's leading TV/film icons of serial success - James Bond, the Doctor, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Robin Hood - are white males - it might have been hoped that, this not being 1963, but rather fifty years later, the Beeb might have actually made the good Doctor a woman, or someone of Black, or Asian - or Other - descent.  It might have actually been thrilling to ask that chap from The Marigold Hotel, for instance - or Gillian Anderson.  Of course, Idris Elba would have been great - but he was likely busy, given he will win the Oscar this year for playing Mandela.  Capaldi is a brilliant comedic actor of extraordinary timing and energy.  His Doctor Who will be fun and thrilling.  What he won't be is much of a new thing in the universe.
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