Qu’importe maintenant?

Aufgabe 12

Featuring poetry in translation from Quebec
guest edited by Oana Avasilichioaei

What does it matter now? What matters now? What is the matter now? What is now’s matter? All possible transversions of Jean-Marc Desgent’s questioning title Qu’importe maintenant? Works by the following fourteen writers, presented in American and Canadian English translations from the Quebecois French by twelve translators, are possible responses:
     Geneviève Desrosiers
     Benoit Jutras
     Nicole Brossard
     Chantal Neveu
     Franz Schürch
     Suzanne Leblanc
     Steve Savage
     Philippe Charron
     Renée Gagnon
     Daniel Canty
     François Turcot
     Martine Audet
     Kim Doré
     Jean-Marc Desgent

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