Sunday, 23 June 2013



                                                my respect to Edward Snowden

I want you inside out
and side to side,

I know your ear tag stamps, your daily rants,
the lies you told your lovers.
I know your pick-up lines,
your escape routes, your air miles.

I know you’re often broke, I know you hate the Pope.
I know your drunken grin, I know your next of kin.

You feed me no end
and I peep for more –
but you feast on me too.

You try to throw me up
but I find my way back.

Each you confide in is my bitch.

Don’t even dare ask.

You are mine.

AGNES MARTON: Hungarian-born poet. She has been working in publishing since 1991.
She participates in exhibitions and art projects: 'Opposition' (USA), 'Flow' (Switzerland), 'So What' (New Zealand), 'Stone Project' (USA), 'Arts et Jardin' (France), 'Windows for Burns Night' (UK), 'Dharmic Angels' (UK), 'European Sculpture: Methods, Materials, Poetry' (Sweden), 'Appeal 2012' (South Africa), 'Wool Symposium' (Spain).
Most recent publications: 'Sculpture/po├ęsie' (France); 'Gateway' (USA); 'Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry' (USA, poetry editor and contributor); ‘Penning Perfumes’ (UK), 'Poems for Pussy Riot' (UK), 'Binders Full of Women' (UK), 'Shorelines' (UK), 'For Rhino in a Shrinking World' (South Africa), 'Le monde n'est pas rond' (Luxembourg), ‘Solidarity Park: Poems for #resistturkey’ (UK). Recent commissions include 'Double Bill' (UK), 'Glitter is a Gender' (UK), 'Exquisite Duet' (for Used Furniture Review, USA), ‘Cruising Down the Lane’ (USA).
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