The meaning is there, if that's what you want.
(Merce Cunningham)

Shades of silence, and the ear
asks questions the mind can't answer.

Taking a turn filling a temporal frame,
something anonymous that now has a name

is reading the mirror, a face
returning once again to a place

where truth could have been shared out when
curating gardens a child was planted in.

Circumstance removed the born centre,
took out the fixed point to enter

other rooms, now sensing conscience
in this space, in its absence.

Seán Street

Seán Street has produced eight collections, the latest of which, Cello, was published in 2013 by Rockingham Press. His latest prose work is The Poetry of Radio – The Colour of Sound.  Previous writings include books on Gerard Manley Hopkins and The Dymock Poets. He is currently working on a book exploring the relationship between sound and memory, to be published in late 2014. He is Emeritus Professor of Radio at Bournemouth University. In this role he has written several key texts on radio history, including A Concise History of British Radio, The Historical Dictionary of British Radio and Crossing the Ether – Public Service Radio and Commercial Competition 1920 -1939.

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