Crimes of Conscience
Each time we betray our conscience,
we strangle an angel. 
Yet, it’s not at all certain
we’re allotted an infinite supply
of these winged pardons.
Unheeded pricks of conscience
soon become soul-skewering
So that paradise seems a hell
and one must betray luxury,
safety and fear to tell the truth
The only cowardice being silence
the only courage one’s convictions;
and allegiance to a higher state,
the only chance at purifying grace.

Yahia Lababidi is an Egyptian-American thinker, and Pushcart-nominated poet, whose work has been translated into nearly a dozen languages. To date, Lababidi is the author of 4 well-received books, in 4 different genres: Signposts to Elsewhere (aphorisms), Trial by Ink: From Nietzsche to Bellydancing (essays), Fever Dreams (poems) and most recently, The Artist as Mystic (conversations). His upcoming book, a collection of short poems, Barely There, will be available soon (Wipf and Stock). For more information, please visit his Amazon page: http://amzn.com/e/B0042SRQWG

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