The Surprising Pope

Say what you will about the current Pope, but he has just done something that no other human being has done for 600 years - he has resigned as Pope.  The Papacy is an extraordinary seat of power to relinquish - he is the spiritual leader of a billion souls, invested with extraordinary duties and responsibilities.  The Petrine role is unique, and those who see the Church as power-mad and corrupt will be - or should be - taken aback by the Christlike abnegation of power.  By making way for a younger man (and, alas, it will be a man this time), he is doing the Church a great favour.  The Pope - my Pope - is not someone it is easy to agree with on a number of subjects - but on the need for less war, less capitalism, and more environmental sterwardship, he has spoken out wisely.  I wish him well; it would be unChristian to do otherwise.