Véhicule Press Turns 40

"Véhicule Press began in 1973 on the premises of Véhicule Art Inc., one of Canada's first artist-run galleries. The large space occupied by both the gallery and the press at 61 Ste-Catherine St. West was once the Café Montmarte--the renowned jazz club of the 1930s."  Forty years later, it has developed into one of the essential "small" presses of Canada - dynamically publishing local, provincial and national history, memoirs, guides, novels, short stories, essays, and, perhaps most impressively, poetry.  Anyone wanting to review a few new VP poetry books drop me a line.  As a small press publisher, I can only marvel at the stamina, dedication, and dash of madness that has kept this firm going through all the downturns of our times.  Congratulations are in order.  If you want to know what Montreal, and Quebec culture is like, here's a mainstay, a key stop on your reading tour.