Eyewear's Top Songs of 2012: #25 'Motion Sickness' by Hot Chip

15 more songs to go after this; no more tonight!  Hot Chip are precisely what Depeche Mode or The Pet Shop Boys were - but now - that is, masters of sexy vaguely ominous, smart, literate synth pop.  And this one just happens to sound a lot like Tears For Fears, too.  Oh boy.  'Motion Sickness' was, I think, the greatest British pop song this summer, catching as it did (as it does) the dizzying power of "the wall of sound" versus "the world is sound" - "everything locks to my grip" echoes Avril Lavigne's "Losing My Grip" but is far weirder. "World of entertainment in your hands".... the song is almost a Nirvanesque series of commodified non sequiturs mocking the music industry, but celebrating, paradoxically, the industriousness of music.  Pop for Adornoheads?