Saturday, 22 September 2012

Free Sarah Catt!

A terrible injustice has occurred in the UK.  If it had happened in Russia or Iran, we'd be enraged and shocked.  A woman has terminated her pregnancy (very late) by her own hand, and buried the dead foetus.  The judge and law call this a baby, and have jailed her for 8 years.  The judge is a Christian fanatic, as it turns out, opposed to abortion laws as they now stand.  As a Catholic, I know what I am supposed to think, but as a rational and tolerant human I know what I believe - no man (or other person) can tell a woman what to do with her womb; Sarah Catt may have done something sad, unfortunate, even borderline troubling.  Wrong, unethical - debatable.  But criminal?  No.  This person is a political prisoner, imprisoned by a fanatical Christian patriarchy, and she should and must be freed.  In a week that bristles with rage at MP's shouting at police officers, let us spare some sympathy for Ms. Catt, who has been slapped with the law's worst insult: contempt.
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